Standard Icon Bundle

Package includes the 2 standard feed icons. These icons should not be modified in any way.

Standard Icons




Did you know?

The story of RSS goes back to around 1995! That's like a century in technology years. And the RSS feed icon is being used by hundreds of thousands of websites including micro-loans that change lives (check them out!), Starloop, Fast Characters a mascot design studio (who woulda guessed!) and even in home inspection such as Even at Forbes for How to get online reviews. It's amazing all the places this little icon gets used! Thank you for all the kind feedback over the years, it's great to know is helping webmasters everywhere one little icon at a time. The story of RSS is pretty darn interesting too, learn more about this revolutionary technology at Wikipedia or check out some of the examples. Get in touch if you have feedback on how we can improve the site!